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Butta Deals

Please note that these specials CAN NOT be altered or substituted. ALL Specials are freestyled designs ONLY. We customize each cake special for each client. these are budget deals. If there is not anything here to fit your need please fill out a custom cake inquiry form.

$50 Non-refundable deposit

IMG_2731 (1).jpeg

Monogram Letter(s) $200

Sprinkle me down $135

This Sprinkle Me Down comes in a 8". White with Sprinkles and Cake Topper only. Vanilla Bean, Milk Chocolate, or Funfetti Cake Flavors only.


Simply Rosettes $100

This Simply Rosette Cake comes in a 8". Feeds about 20 people. Pick the color of your choice. Vanilla Bean or Milk Chocolate Cake Flavors only.

This Monogram Letter(s) comes in any letter or number. It feeds about 25 people. Pick the color(s) of your choice. (Toppings vary)


Money Bagg Cake $300

Money Bagg Cake comes in a size 8". This cake comes in one size only. It is covered in fondant and has edible bills. Feeds up to 15-20 people.


Butta Special $225

This Butta Special is a 6" Round Tall Cake & 12 Cupcakes. Custom Cake Topper, Freestyle Design. Pick the color and theme of your choice. Vanilla or Chocolate Cake Flavor only.

Satisfaction Guarantee

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